I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

I'm a nerdy queer who is in his mid-20s who spends too much time binge gaming or making fart jokes. I also have an interest in politics and I am in show choir. South Texas resident going for my Master's in Rhetoric/Composition in the fall. Dats eet.

Short guys get no love :(


No offense, but I don’t know why those of you being trolls and haters just for the sake of it, just cluttering the tag. Like we know they look at the tag, and what artist can you say does that? There’s a difference between critiquing a song and just being rude. Do a cleanse and get that negativity out of your life please.

I’m working as secretary, vice president, and sergeant-at-arms for this choir and I have a bunch of research to do for grad classes and I should probably start drinking a lot of coffee….